Pakistan Cricket Board Requires Govt To Introduce Anti Corruption Law In Sports

ISLAMABAD, (APP): The Board (PCB) has asked the government to present a law regarding corruption in sports to be able to block the players from performing any kind of fixing at the game.Talking to , a official said PCB puts emphasis on removing corruption in cricket. “In this regard, PCB has introduced a strict anti-corruption code and it possesses a permanent vigilance section in PCB to counter the menace of corruption,” he explained.

He said the board believes corruption in cricket and other sports can be avoided if there is a law passed creating corruption in athletics a offense. “In this regard, PCB has asked the government to take action in this subject,” he said.He said cricketers are banned for a while and they’re allowed to play, however if such a legislation is introduced then they’d be fearful of committing any kind of wrongdoings.

The official further said the PCB indicated that instead of taxing the earnings of PCB, the government should ask exactly the sum to be spent by PCB on development and marketing of cricket in the country. “This will guarantee that various stadiums are maintained and brought to global standards on a normal basis,” he explained.

He said the government must also create cricket compulsory to arrange cricket occasions on the basis that was nationwide. “The PCB will play its role in facilitating such occasions,” he explained and added secure and secluded grounds must also be supplied for women cricketers for its marketing of girls cricket.