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Deco Drive always has your back, so in the event you don’t wish to spend the weekend cleaning out the garage, you’d better choose a movie to see at tonight’s Showtime.

Dylan O’Brien (like Thomas): “If the hell does this stop?”

Kaya Scodelario (like Teresa): “It stops if we find a cure.”

Dylan O’Brien (like Thomas): “There is no cure.”

He doesn’t need to get so angry about it! “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is the last film in the trilogy — with much more action and suspense than previously.

Don’t worry, there is lots of maze running.

Dylan O’Brien, who stars in the film, says he is not quite ready to say goodbye.

Dylan O’Brien: “It’s not hitting me you know? And I don’t know as it will. It’s not going to for a tiny bit, I don’t think. But I will miss it. I know I will miss it a good deal. I’m going to get significant ‘Maze Runner’ Upgrades”

Stephen Lang (as Col. Abraham Biggs): “Captain, you really do know Chief Yellow Hawk? The Army would like to be sure that the chief will get home to Montana safely without incident.”

In “Hostiles,” Christian Bale plays with Army Capt. Joseph J. Blocker. The longtime officer is escorting a Indian war leader and his loved ones back home to Montana in New Mexico.

On their trip, they discover a girl whose family has been murdered, and all of them have to band together to survive the hostile tribes on the way.

Christian Bale: “Blocker is chosen, or rather ordered, throughout threat of court martial and reduction of retirement, to transport earthly Hawk to sacred burial grounds, and that’s where the story actually originates, is how do both of these mortal enemies manage to maintain each other’s company?”

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