We Offer Training Program That Teaches How To Work Safely In A Dangerous Area

Hostile Environment Awareness Training or heat training online is a training program that teaches humanitarian aid workers, freelance journalists, and others how to work safely in a dangerous or remote area. It’s ideal for human rights defenders and anyone else who is working under dangerous circumstances.

Via workshops and demonstrations, the scenarios that are presented offer a five-day course that teaches how to assess each risk and stay in a security mindset. It teaches the student how to recognize a potential threat and avoid it for their safety and security. It also teaches quick response techniques and how to react should a situation arise.

While this includes classroom scenarios, it also focuses on training that will give students a genuine experience via immersing them into the training program and offering them the opportunity for reflection and feedback.

Lessons will be learned from real life NGO security incidents and experiences. Hostile environment Awareness training is for all security workers, journalists and NGO workers.

An entire day of first aid training is also included in the training program. It also includes a residential course that is physically as well as mentally demanding. Students will spend a large amount of time outdoors during all weather conditions.

Students should plan on long days out of doors and lessons that will facilitate learning and ensure safety and comfort. The accommodation and the facilities are basic. Though they are comfortable they also mimic what may happen in a real life scenario. They include dorm tents and improvised shelters to give a full immersion experience.

There is simple but nourishing food that will give students the full realm of experience with their instructors. Students should plan on hard diligent work and a full-time learning experience during the entire camp. Under hostileworld training courses, students will learn a variety of skills and techniques that will help them in real life situations.