Explore The Many Types Of Bone Dog Treats

There are many kinds of bone dog treats. From actual natural cured marrow-filled bones cut from large animals down the line to nylon bones, there are types and styles for every dog on the planet.

Finding the right sized bone is one of the key ways to meet the needs of your dog. If it is too small, they might choke on it. If it is too big, it can hurt their teeth and jaw.

Most people believe that dogs teeth are unbreakable but they are not. Smaller dogs in particular do not have indestructible teeth. They can pull out on tough or green bones.

Dog chews that the dog can chew on for a little while are great. Any chewing will help their teeth stay healthier by becoming cleaner.

Dried chicken tenders and rawhide sticks seem very convenient. Though, they can be tough on their teeth and on their stomachs. The rawhide remains tough and can be like trying to digest wet strips of leather.

Rawhide can be given to dogs, as long as they are supervised. It also helps to take the rawhide away from them after they have eaten half of a small chew.

Very important tips give by dreambone.co.uk for your dogs are bigger dogs are tougher and better able to tolerate rawhide, tougher, and harder bones. Marrow bones give their teeth a great workout and give them a long-term distraction.

Marrow bones are cut to different lengths. Small dogs can tolerate the slices of marrow bone. Anything bigger may be too big and heavy for them.

Bully sticks are like a natural rawhide, but they are easily digested. Again, watch the individual dog to see if they can tolerate them. It could upset their stomach. Or, they may be happy as can be with a bone like this.