Child Sexual abuse scandal rocks Argentinian Game — RT Sport News

The scandal came to light in the end of March, once a 17-year-old player of top Argentinian football team Independiente informed the team’s physiologist that he and another teammate was sexually abused and had had sex with men in exchange for money.

The boy said that young athletes had been included in a prostitution ring arranged by a club member.

On Monday, a doctor and a psychologist working in Buenos Aires-based River Plate informed the Argentinian government that young footballers and volleyball players in the club were victims of sexual abuse.

River Plate and Independiente will be the two biggest clubs in the nation, and attract talented youngsters from throughout Argentina and overseas. River have won 36 national football league names, while Independiente have won the Copa Libertadores (South America’s equivalent of the UEFA Champions League) a record seven times. Both multi-sport giants have lodging for pupils who live and train in the sport foundations.

Many kids recruited by the nightclubs come from the country’s poorest places, and live far from their families under the oversight of the sport clubs.

The president of the Football Association’s childhood and children’s poll, Dante Majori, demanded a thorough investigation in the aftermath of the information which has rocked the nation.

“We need this to be investigated,” he said. “We want to give regulations so that those responsible for these abhorrent acts are caught.”

“We’ve put out to update and carry out a protocol to govern these boarding houses,” he included.

Maria Soledad Garibaldi, the prosecutor investigating the case, said on Wednesday that seven kids at Independiente were included in the prostitute chain, while 10 longer minors could have been potential victims.

She added that the 19-year-old who had forced his fellow sportsmen into prostitution is now cooperating with authorities.

“Many kids were contacted but they did not collapse [victim]. We are investigating this. Thank God these acts weren’t carried out,” Garibaldi said in a news conference. “We are all combined here — the kids, the parents, and the law”

Some of Argentina’s most powerful sports clubs have been implicated in a child abuse scandal following reports surfaced claiming that young players supposedly suffered systematic sexual abuse when residing at the nightclubs’ boarding houses.