The NBA finals are almost set, what we know is it will either be the Los Angeles Lakers or Phoenix Suns in the West against either the Boston Celtics or Orlando Magic in the East.

What we do know is the schedule. Game one will be Thursday June 3rd 9pm Eastern, game two Sunday June 6th at 8PM, Game 3 Tuesday June 8th at 9 PM, game 4 Thursday June 10th at 9 PM and if necessary, game 5 June 13th at 8PM, game 6 June 15th at 9 Pm and game 7 Thursday June 17 at 9 PM.

Right now though The Magic just need to PUSH and RUN right off the bat tonight. Wear down the OLD team and make them work to keep up. If the Magic play slow, it’s their own fault. Las Vegas Odds have listed Boston Celtics +4 road underdogs in Game 5.

In the West the Lakers enter tonight’s Game 5 facing almost a must win or they will have to play for their postseason lives in Phoenix in Game 6, which they don’t want to do having dropped both games in Phoenix so far.

Phoenix continued to look like a totally different club in Game 4. I’ll admit, I thought the Lakers would win that one, but apparently they have never seen a zone before and don’t know how to attack it.

Kobe Bryant dominated, but the Suns’ bench went crazy, outscoring their Laker counterparts 54-20.

A return home will recharge the Lakers completely and they should win fairly easily. Jackson probably roped off the three-point line in practice yesterday so players couldn’t get out there.

There’s no way Phoenix’s bench, while probably better than L.A.’s, will have an opportunity to go nuts like that again.