Build a Sports Club Website with WordPress tutorial

How to Construct a Sports Club Website with WordPress — step by step.

Sports websites and WordPress are the ideal game. I’ve seen a lot pop around the last few years which range to membership gyms that were based. It would appear that WordPress is a excellent platform to get a sports club large or small to continue to keep members and fans updated on the latest events at their club. In this tutorial I shall go through the procedure of how you can Build a Sports Club Website with WordPress with the most popular WordPress sport themes.

Now I shall assume that you have WordPress surroundings and your domain in place. If you do not subsequently follow this article to get you started.

Install a theme

I am sure to have all your content and graphics linked to your club but we will need to locate a theme that is good that this content will fit into. You will want a design that has the look and feel so take a look on theme shops and the favorite marketplaces for your desired design suited to your own club. For this particular example we’re going to use Sporty which is a free WordPress Sports Theme available at Have a look at the Sporty demo to get a an concept of what your finished website will look like.

Because the subject is in the WordPress theme repository we can install it. From your dashboard go to Appearance > Themes > Add New and you will be presented with a few featured themes. In the Search Themes box kind in Sporty along with also the Sporty screenshot will appear. Hover on the screenshot install then trigger and we are ready to go.

You’ll be met with a display telling you after you have activated. From that page you’ll be able to choose from a choice of alternatives that will aid you with your set up. Before you proceed any 18, I would advise having a look at also the documentation and the subject demo.

Customize Your Website

Let’s begin by adding a few pages that will allow us to begin adding some capabilities. Go to Pages > Add new and make a page called “Home”. We won’t be adding any content at this point but out of the Page Attributes Panel > Template > select “Custom Home Page” in the drop down and hit release.

Create a second page called “Blog” or “News” or anything that you feel is appropriate for your news feed. This page will show your own posts. Leave on the template as default and release the page.

Next we’ll go to Settings > Reading and choose a static page. The Home page that you just created must be your Front Page along with the News or Blog site you made can be installed as your Articles Page. Your website will finally have the custom template on your homepage and we’ll begin to populate that in a moment. Primarily though let us include your club colors and logo.

Go to Appearance > Customize to open the customizer alternatives and live preview of your website. Then open International Settings > Color Scheme. By default Sporty is going to probably be white, black and blue so we’ll change this. I am going to choose red and white to give feature locations that are red and a white header region to me.

We will now add your club emblem. Return to your principal customize alternatives and select Header Settings > Website Logo. It could be pretty much any size in reason although the emblem size that is recommended is wide by 100px high. For my example I am using a logo that is 340px by 110px. Publish your logo and hit save.

I am going to alter one thing before we proceed, while we’re at the area. You will find a wonderful huge call to action area that says “DEFAULT FEATURED TEXT”. I am likely add some text in here.

Back to the main customize options open Homepage Settings > Featured Text Area. Start shifting the text and you will find it changing from your live preview. If you would   prefer some text using a button check the “Use these options below” check-box and enter your name text, button and url in the appropriate fields. This permits you to have a button that connects to a page inside your website or into an outside website. Your website and hit save must look something

It’s time to proceed adding some content to the website. We will earn a few posts. Return to your own admin dash then select Posts > Add New. I want my significant articles to be featured on the site at a slider and Sporty lets me do that. To do this add it into a category and we must produce the post as regular.   Then we must add a Featured Picture for this news story. The size is 960px wide and high. When you hit release a slider will appear on your site.

The slider will reveal all of your posts. However, Sporty has additional slider options in Appearance > Customize > Homepage Settings >Slider Settings. Here it is possible to select if you want to conceal the slider header or text and that of your categories the amount of slides to show.   We will look at a few more customizer options.

Add a Sports Plugin

At this point we can continue to make articles pages, galleries and pretty much everything else a normal website requirements. But to take it a step further we are going to give the website extra sports club features by adding a plugin called SportsPress. This plugin will allow us to include widgets and pages with club details like player info, schedules, league tables and a lot more. Sporty Theme has been created to add these plugin attributes effortlessly.

From your WordPress dash go to Plugins > Add new and hunt for “SportsPress”. Install and activate the plugin.

Once installed to the plugin settings and click the “General” tab. One of the options permits you to Install demo content. I would suggest doing this to give an understanding of what the plugin has to offer you to you. It’ll install stats, players and demo clubs. It is simple to delete the content and begin to incorporate your clubs info, as soon as you’re familiar with the plugin. Assess the install demo content box and click at the bottom of that page.

Go through all of the settings and set up to suit your requirements. Follow the plugin documentation when you have any problems. One of those settings provides you the choice of color schemes but Sporty Theme has been made to use the color scheme you selected so there’s absolutely absolutely no need.

The Sporty Theme custom site we set up sooner has a widget region that could be populated with your SportsPress content. For my site I am going to add information on a league table, all other fittings along with my clubs alongside fixture.

From your dash go to Appearance > Widgets. You will see that since you have installed the SportsPress plugin it’s added a lot of its own widgets. It’s possible to add any of them to any widget area that is available. The widget area we’re going to concentrate on first is that the “Right Home Column” one that populates the ideal hand region of the custom homepage.

Drag the “Countdown” widget on to the Right Home Column widget area. Give a name to the widget, choose a team, save and choose a fixture. (Note: to get team logos to appear you will need to upload them to the team pages and make sure logos are selected to appear at the settings)

Add in another few widgets to fill the Homepage widget place . You might also add in some more to footer areas and sidebar. Your homepage must look something

You can add pages for more, player galleries, team members and league tables. Catching the shortcode for and then placing it does all these. Follow the plugin shortcode guide to find out more.

Finishing touches

We will just quickly return to the Appearance > Customize region to add a few more things. Primarily we’ll add the website and a wonderful background picture. Open the Global Settings > Background Picture option and add your desktop picture. The dimensions is 1920px by 1200px and put as it as the top centre position with no repeat picture and no scroll with page.

Return to the principal customize region and select Header Settings > Social Media Settings. Here you are able to add the url for any of your networking accounts. A URL to your own account will appear in the top right of this website header once stored.

Another alternative lately added to this subject is the capacity to grow the diameter of your website. In the main Customize area go to Global Settings > Website Layout. You can boost the width. Recall should you change.

We hope this article has helped you Construct a Sports Club Website using WordPress. Your website should be at the point at which you can add your remaining content to pages, posts and widget areas all. The final product should look something similar to the Sporty demo. Should you want any help setting up your Sports site  please consult with the Further Reading links below or go to the Sporty Welcome Page: Appearance > Sporty Theme.

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