Grey Doors

Have you ever painted interior doors? If you are looking for the right color, you might want to choose grey. Grey is a calming color, and it is quite popular. Perhaps your doors are already grey, and you just have to get them looking like they have that factory finish again. have plenty of do-it-yourself tips for helping you to repaint those interior doors.

grey doors interior

Those same tips can be used to help you paint interior doors that aren’t yet painted. For example, let’s say that you have oak interior doors. They look nice by themselves, but they can also be unfinished. You can either finish them, or you could paint them. If you are looking to paint them, does the color grey match the decor in your home?

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It would certainly depend on what color the walls are painted, but grey does go well with quite a few different colors. It depends on what the rest of your decor looks like, but again, grey is an easy match most of the time. Grey doors also help the rest of your decor to ‘pop’ so to speak. They don’t stand out so much. You do want your interior doors to look nice, but you don’t want them to overpower the rest of the interior of your home.

To get this point across, let’s say that you painted the walls white but the doors yellow. Well, that would look wild and a little off. However, painting walls yellow and having white doors would be more realistic. That is why you often see white doors because the doors then mesh better with the trim and don’t overpower home decor. Instead of picking the color white though, why not go with grey doors? They might look a little better, and that color would certainly be different than the regular white.