Makeup Tips

Most people never give their makeup much thought when they start rubbing their faces with coconut oil, egg whites, or avocado. They put almost all of their energy into the practice of how they will wash their face, what they will use to tone their skin, and when they will use home-made organic face masks.

The problem is that if they stop by their local makeup counter at the department store they will find an alarming trend. Those youthful faces looking at them have stories to tell about the makeup they are wearing.

If you simply ask them who has died from the neighboring makeup counters within the past year, they can name at least a few who were in their 20’s. They may have had young children, and been very happy people. Their only downfall was that they slathered on chemical-laden foundation, with lines of perfectly cancerous eyeliner, followed with sparkling chemical dust, and all other kinds of offensive particles best kept away from the eyes, nose, mouth, and brain.

Make Your Own suggest that activated charcoal is an excellent naturally made material that can be purposed into eyeliner. Simply moisten it and put it on like you would your regular liquid liner. The same material with a bit more water and bees wax will make a great waterproof mascara.

For lip balm, well, skip the lip balm. Go with a generous and refreshing dollop of coconut oil instead. Look at as many recipes for homemade makeup or go with the much over-priced organic makeup product lines. Either way, it’s a great way to invest in the future you all while feeling good about how you look in the mirror today — with a made up face.

Get a henna mix to color your hair. It’s all natural, and fun. Stay far away from the toxic stuff they sell at the drug store.