Pakistan Cricket Board against boycotting cricket ties with India : News, Cricket

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan has denied to follow at the forefront of Pakistan Hockey Federation which declared this week that it would boycott future foreign occasions in India.

PHF secretary Shahbaz Ahmad has stated that in order to register its protest with the global Hockey Federation (FIH) for falling Pakistan from the Junior World Cup in India this month, it would not take part in any competition in India. ()

“Look, we will not take such a decision because it’s going to be unfair to countless individuals who want to see Indo-Pak matches. Second, whenever we perform against each other it implies enormous financial benefits for the boards and players along with any boycott will only hurt us financially,” said Khan, who had earlier appointed threats of boycotting India in ICC occasions.

Khan said Pakistan looked forward to having discussions with the BCCI officials later this month during the Asian Cricket Council meeting in Colombo.

Khan reported the ICC’s following meeting had already been moved as a result of strained relations between Pakistan and India from Mumbai to Dubai.

“We will not send our teams to India for any competition. How we had been dumped from the Junior World Cup gets ruined our hockey as the tournament was important for us to prepare new players for our senior team,” Ahmad explained.

“It was the duty of the FIH to ensure we got visas. We are currently boycotting all occasions in India. They say we forced resort bookings and didn’t confirm our participation.

The truth is we had been waiting for the visas and second we were asked by the hotel for a deposit. We weren’t in a place to deposit such a large sum without being sure when we’ll get the visas,” Ahmad explained.

India is due to host the hockey Asia Cup along with FIH World Cup in 2018 and 2017.