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The idea of opening up rooftop bars in Chicago does sound rather exciting. And why shouldn’t it? The view alone is enough to get people through the door, now add some nice drinks, maybe a little good food, and you’ve got the perfect social atmosphere.

However, getting your rooftop bars up and running in Chicago will come with some challenges. There are several things you need to consider and think about before making a final decision. These include:

1. Can The Roof Keep Up?

Your first challenge will be the roof, and how much weight it can carry. For the most part, they are designed to hold their own weight, and everything else is pretty much a given. This means a lot of traffic on a surface that wasn’t made for it. Plus, add the weight of everything you want to create the bar with.

The roof needs to be reinforced before anything remotely social can happen up there.

2. How Easy Is It To Get To The Roof?

Just like roofs aren’t really designed for social gatherings, getting to them might involve some difficulty as well. Hence, this is another problem you need to address because you want your patrons to get to the venue without any difficulty.

3. What About The Weather?

With a rooftop bar comes the problem of weather and other natural elements. For instance, if you don’t make preparations for wind and rain, you will only be doing business on sunny days. And this is not exactly the most profitable way to go if you can manage around them.

When it comes down to it, you are going to require a big budget and a lot of planning before opening your doors for business. But when you get past all those difficulties, it can really be worth it. At last, we will say have fun at the top of fantastic skyscrapers with your friends and family.

Australia Cricketers’ Association rejects the Brand New Cover offer: Cricket, News of cricket Australia


  • The cricketers of Australia refused the supply of a revised pay deal of the board

  • Australia’s leading cricketers face being hammered out unless a new MoU is struck before the end of the month between the ACA and CA

  • The parties haven’t reached agreement on many issues that were fundamental

Australia’s best cricketers face being hammered out unless a fresh memorandum of understanding (MoU) is struck between Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) before the end of the month.

In a letter the new offer was produced by CA executive general manager Kevin Roberts.

“Player feedback suggests that the sharing of global cricket surpluses with female and male national players and the degree of cover raises for male condition gamers are critical issues for these,” Roberts wrote in the letter posted on the CA website.

“We are therefore writing to suggest that CA is prepared to address these issues to help attain a fresh MoU.”

Unless the impasse ends a week, the Australia A tour of a limited-overs tour of India, also a series in Bangladesh and South Africa are under threat with the Ashes also looming at the end of the year.

“The ACA has advised players not to sign,” the players’ body said in a statement.

“The letter supplied to players now from CA doesn’t correctly reflect how far apart the parties remain with a week to go. The parties haven’t reached agreement on a lot of fundamental issues.

“The contract offers do not include Revenue Sharing for all players, and also aren’t what they appear to be. They do not include crucial information regarding terms and conditions.”

ACA president Greg Dyer stated that it had been time for mediation.

“With just seven days until the June 30 deadline, the ACA requires crisis mediation to be conducted at CEO level,” Dyer said.

“For this, the ACA continues to search for methods to resolve the dispute. We are inspired by a sense of responsibility to the game and its players and frustration at the current process.”

Dyer added that a range of “common sense and reasonable asks” was rejected by CA, for example, release of financial data and predictions.

“The players are completely united behind the ACA in these discussion terms,” Australia captain Steve Smith said on Friday at a video posted with the ACA on Twitter.

“We all know that they are working incredibly tough for all of us to find the best result for the sport.”

Not ready to play Test cricket at the moment: Dale Steyn : Cricket, News

Not ready to play Test cricket Right Now: Dale Steyn

This assertion out of Steyn has dealt a significant setback to the Proteas who’d be hosting Bangladesh from the Test series, followed closely by three ODIs and 2 T20Is.

| Posted by Rohan Sen

Johannesburg, September 14, 2017 | UPDATED 15:54 IST

(Reuters Photo)(Reuters Photo)


  • Steyn was out of action since November last year

  • Steyn has ruled himself from playing with four-day cricket

  • Wickets have been captured by Steyn at a average of 22.30

South Africa pace spearhead Dale Steyn, who is eyeing a comeback to international cricket, has ruled himself from the Sunfoil Series’ action which begins a week, stating he’s decided “to not play right now”.

This assertion out of Steyn has dealt a significant setback to the Proteas who’d be hosting Bangladesh from the Test series, followed closely by three ODIs and 2 T20Is.

Steyn was out since he obtained his right shoulder fractured during Australia’s first innings of the opening Test against South Africa runs at the WACA Ground in Perth.

It had been last week theorized that the pacer will be creating a return on cricket by playing in the first round of fixtures this year.

But now it is reported that he has ruled himself from playing with four-day cricket.

“I have decided to not play at the moment. I’m bowling fine but I have not struck the full workload I’d need to take care of four-day cricket or a Test so I decided it was best to not perform,” Sport24 quoted Steyn like stating to a website.

The 34-year-old, that believes that playing shorter formats of this game may be a great place to start, added that he was trying to be certain that he did not break down.

The Sunfoil Series activity will provide trainer Ottis Gibson to have a peek at his players before the Bangladesh series gets underway.

Steyn has captured 417 wickets at a whopping average of 22.30 and at a hit rate of 41.4 chunks in 85 Tests he’s played so far.

Sports Minister rules out India-Pakistan cricket series

Sports Minister Vijay Goel

New Delhi: Sports Minister Vijay Goel on Monday ruled out a spiritual cricket series by Pakistan.

Top officials in the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) are scheduled to meet in Dubai after on Monday in order to discuss possibilities of a spiritual series.

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