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Hi , I saw that the front page of the B and B Journal last week and was interested to find that “The Dell” is one of several the Suffolk County Council and considering for closure in March 2011. Whilst the Beccles Council is considering its position with this, would I inquire whether you are aware of any concern over the Community,. I.e the personnel, Direction of the Dell, Friends of the Del, local Doctors at the Hospital and Health Centre who are relatively so close, relatives of these in the Dell. Think about the Churches viewpoints? I wonder, as The Dell is situated in the northern point of Suffolk, operating a catchment area, why people may be willing to let it slide away, without strong demonstration or a whimper. It serves a demand, are its occupancy rates low, or en suite standards etc Has it Been advocated by the Health CommissionSCC Inspection Body for closing as criteria — no Does it provide facilities that are superior there? Is there excellent staffing and facilities that allow staff to do a good job — it’s thought to be so Are the prices to high, but what’s too high and should the unit closes where do people who “enjoy safe and cared for centers “visit to. And also their loved ones what implications are their to their own whether their comparative is moved. Moving older in their facility that is recognized is not ever a good idea , whether or not we’re within a Care Facility or at home. Then the New Year methods and Christmas and then the decision will have been made Could it be time for a person ask the question why and The Dell Beccles, do a bit study and to take the result! Why did Martin Bell and David Frost originate amongst other well-known persons Is your Dell Run by Suffolk CC or a Private Group — simply or are staff currently hoping for Redundancy obligations awaiting their fate that be? Maybe this is not for youpersonally, but I saw you title, and believed, maybe…………………… Regards Gary McCarroll

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