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In this day and age, purchasing furniture has almost become an art form. You have so many options to choose from and materials that resemble wood but have never actually been a part of a tree. Plywood and veneer furniture are among the most affordable options for homeowners looking to create a trendy space that changes with the times. However, if you’re looking for timeless heirloom quality furnishings than visit here and get the finest quality solid oak furniture which is the great choice!

Unlike plywood furniture, anything manufactured from a hardwood can last for generations. It can withstand a great deal of wear and tear throughout the years without ever betraying its age. Even modern homes can use a bit of a rustic touch, and oak furniture is a great way to give an otherwise sterile space some cozy touches. Should your oak furniture look a bit dated or worn, you can easily refinish it in order for it to fit the latest decorating trends.

Solid oak furniture is by no means flimsy in any way. When you need bedroom furniture or a kitchen set, it’s important to choose furnishings that are sturdy enough for everyday use. The problem with cheap furniture is that it easily falls apart, especially when you try to use an unstable wardrobe or sit on a flimsy chair. Oak furniture is not just a great investment for its heirloom quality, but it’s safe and sturdy to use for years to come.

Many decorators shy away from oak furnishings simply due to the cost. Of course, it may be a staggering investment when you’re looking at the price tags for the first time, but you can’t ignore that if your furniture lasts for decades. Get a great deal from furniture heaven on solid oak furniture.

The Powerlifting World at the Rock Creek Sports Club

What’s Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is the sport of lifting things up and putting down things, right? Sort of. While lifting huge weights is the basic notion in powerlifting, it’s much more complex than that. Powerlifting is extremely rough and reckless, both physically and mentally, and entails more than just picking something up. A powerlifter must learn bracing, rooting, breathing, foot positioning, bar positioning, eye gaze, head positioning and activation (Rodio, 2016).

Compared to bodybuilding, that will be all about getting a specific body, powerlifting is all about attaining as much raw strength as humanly possible.

Powerlifting generally involves three fundamental lifts (“the big three”); low bar back squat, bench press and deadlift.

Powerlifting has a very long list of benefits. It is accessible to all ages, so reduces the risk of osteoporosis(Rodio, 2016), which gives one continuous physical and mental challenges and goals, burns a lot of calories, improves confidence, and, naturally, raises one’s strength. Zach Tolchin, a fitness expert at Rock Creek Sports Club, estimates a renowned strength training coach, Mark Rippetoe: “Powerful men and women are more difficult to kill than weak individuals and are more useful in general.” In addition to the above obvious benefits, powerlifting is truly a low risk sport. Powerlifting has reduced injury-risk than basketball and soccer!

Powerlifting at the Rock Creek Sports Club

Rock Creek Sports Club includes a fantastic powerlifting community, with roughly 20 members and employees competing in this sport. 1 reason for the huge powerlifting community would be the club’s reputation to be open to a vast range of fitness procedures. When requests came in for a lifting stage and bumper plates, then the team spent in these basic powerlifting tools.

Another reason for the large engagement here, is the club’s sense of comradery.

“Many of these powerlifters we’ve got at this gym have competed together and are always checking in with each other to see how instruction is going and eager to share programming advice” states Emily Karl, who works at the front desk.

Women in powerlifting

Emily Karl is an example of the way powerlifting isn’t a sport for just guys. Powerlifting is a sport both men and women can perform so long as they love lifting and perform it correctly and consistently.

“It burns a ton of calories, even a lot of the time more so than cardio (a client of mine burnt over 450 calories at one hour of your powerlifting style workout) and it will cause you to feel powerful and confident.” Says Zach.

There are now six competitive powerlifting women at the Rock Creek Sports Club, a appreciable number for a gym not “focusing” in the sport. One of our members, Bibi Campos Seijo, set a world record for the age and weight class, with her deadlift about 321 pounds, annually at the American Challenge. Emily competed within this challenge this year on May 20.

Emily was a competitive dancer for over 15 years but stopped while at college. After joining the RCSC, she had been introduced into powerlifting and was drawn into it by its own competitive aspects. She had missed the contest from dance and now enjoys experiencing competition once again, but also in “a completely new arena.”

“One of the greatest aspects of powerlifting is it requires commitment and continuous instruction, like dancing, but also in competition there’s hardly any subjective prejudice- either you get the elevator or you do not.” says Emily.

Emily advises women getting into powerlifting to be daring, not to worry about getting “too big” or being judged for lifting heavy.

“Look at some of these feminine elite lifters and you will notice women of many different shapes and sizes- intensity is strength, people respect that over all else. It is incredibly liberating to have your primary focus be in strength rather than what you seem like.”

The welcoming reputation that the gym has is enough to convince women to train here; becoming part of a brand new group of friends who train, joke around and motivate one another. Emily also suggests online communities for additional encouragement, which are famous for feminine lifters.

“A number of members at the gym have come up to me and informed me that they were inspired I’d like to attempt things that they normally would not which is really flattering. Inspiring different folks, especially women, to become more healthy is incredibly satisfying.” says Emily.

So how do someone, man or woman, begin powerlifting?

“People get into powerlifting in many different ways. I got to it just by lifting and getting stronger consistently, to this point where I realized that my lifts were at a competitive level.” Says Zach.

While recovering from knee operation, Zach attended the 2013 Equinox Open to encourage Devin Knox, yet another trainer here at the Rock Creek Sports Club. Experiencing the event firsthand he understood he loved the environment and wished to be a part of it. Zach did his very first competition a couple of months later: that the 2013 Maryland State Championships.

Powerlifting takes patience and discipline. Those starting out will not walk in on day one and also be able to lift a super heavy weightreduction. Emily advises novices to find a mentor or mentor to inspect shape and set guidelines for coaching to avoid injuries. Emily cites certified personal trainers as critical to adjusting form and producing efficient movement patterns; the key to hitting big numbers.

Some coaches for powerlifting here would be Devin Knox, Zach Tolchin and Steve Basdavanos.

Zach advises newcomer powerlifters coaching for a contest to practice the requirements that the judges will be using and to be prepared.

Powerlifting competitively takes focus. You can’t be a jack of all transactions at the gym, attending twist, Zumba or performing different types of exercises many times a week and just training for powerlifting once or twice. However, since Emily states, it’s excellent to be healthy and balanced. Emily started training with Marian Lally to incorporate Pilates to her workout routine, to deal with muscle imbalances and certain weaknesses she’d.

“My very first session was probably one of the most challenging workouts I have ever had!”

Last, all powerlifters must listen to their bodies. As in any workout, it’s necessary not to struggle through real pain.

The very first couple of weeks, an individual will see the largest change. Then the real patience kicks in.

Rock Creek Sports Club Powerlifting News and Competitions

Employees and members at the gym are always competing and training. Events are held during the year depending on which federation where you compete. Some of the favorite federations have been USAPL and 100% RAW. Most contests have three lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift, nevertheless 100% RAW includes a fourth: rigorous curl.

On May 13th, the USAPL Maryland State Championships were held in Dundalk, where Zach and Steve competed. On May 20th, Devin Knox and Emily Karl competed in 100% RAW’s American Challenge at Prince Frederick, Maryland. This was Emily’s third “complete power” meet but her first time performing in this specific federation, first time rival without supporting neoprene knee bends and also the very first time doing the rigorous curl! The two Devin and Emily placed 1st from the events that they competed in and place Maryland documents from the curl.

Best Lifts:

Devin- psychologist: 174.1, bench: 413, deadlift: 622

Emily- psychologist: 67.2, squat: 281, bench: 132, deadlift: 358

All results will be accumulated at the end of June or July, from challenges throughout the nation. People that have the best lifts over all will be chosen to lift for Team USA at the world championships this autumn!

1 curious in powerlifting kindly should notice that there were drug tests at 100% RAW’s American Challenge. The majority of federations require steroid use quite seriously.

So what now?

If you are interested in powerlifting talk to a trainer! And do not worry, powerlifting is for everybody. We are going to find you on the lifting stage!

Tips How To Make Your Yard More Attractive

Wooden decking tiles provide a smart, innovative way to create an outdoor deck or patio. Here are three of the primary reasons why you should consider investing in these tiles for your home:

1. They can be installed by just about anyone. Most people don’t have the skills or tools to pour a concrete patio or to build a deck on their own. Pouring concrete is extremely labor-intensive and may require special tools that most people don’t have on hand.

Likewise, building a deck from scratch can be quite complicated. There is a lot of planning that has to go into constructing structural supports for the deck so that it is strong enough to last. Deck tiles, on the other hand, don’t require any tools for installation. All that you have to do is lay them down on the ground and snap them together.

2. They are affordable. When compared to other decking materials, they are far more affordable than you would expect. That means that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a functional outdoor space and you can make your home beautiful with wooden decking tiles.

3. They are attractive. Deck tiles can completely transform the look of your current deck or patio. Once installed, these tiles have a high-end look that provides the perfect backdrop for relaxing or entertaining.

Perfect wooden decking titles are a smart investment for your home. Because they are simple to install, they can be put in place by just about anyone. Their affordable price makes them a good option for enhancing your outdoor space no matter how much or how little money you have to spend. Finally, they come in a lot of different styles and can really help make your patio or deck a lot more attractive, allowing you to design an outdoor area for entertaining that you absolutely love.

Pat Cummins returns to Australia’s one-day squad : Cricket, News


  • Cummins has been remembered to the Australian side for the first time in over a year

  • He missed all of last season after yet another stress fracture in his lower back

  • Cummins made a fantasy Test debut against South Africa as a 18-year-old in 2011

Pat Cummins’ global career has had more than its fair share of false starts due to injuries but captain Steve Smith expects the forthcoming one-day series against New Zealand will establish a launchpad for the Australia fast bowler to kick on.

The ideal armer, who left a fantasy Test debut against South Africa as a raw 18-year-old in 2011 with match figures of 7-117, was invited into the Australian side for the very first time in over a year for the three-match Chappell-Hadlee series.

The 23-year-old missed all of last season after yet another stress fracture in his lower back but returned with a vengeance in Australia’s domestic one-fifth contest last month, taking 15 wickets in 18.60.

Chairman of selectors Trevor Hohns said when the one-day squad was appointed last week that he was particularly happy to find him back bowling with actual speed.

Together with Australia choosing to not rest Test spearheads Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood, Smith had three genuinely quick bowlers in his disposal to the series against New Zealand that begins in Sydney on Sunday.

“It seemed like he bowled with a few great pace so it’s nice to have the choice of Starc, Hazlewood and Cummins in the disposal,” Smith told Australian Associated Press in Sydney on Wednesday. “It’s quite exciting.”

Cummins, man of the game in his Test debut, has been blighted by injury since, suffering heel issues, a ripped side muscle and tension fractures in his back.

Such have been the extent of his injuries, he has played just eight first-class games since he left his debut for New South Wales from Tasmania in Hobart as a 17-year-old. His last first-class match was on last season’s Ashes tour of England.

Smith, however, stated that if he could establish his fitness through limited overs cricket then he could be in the framework for Australia’s tour of India next February.

“Obviously he is going to play with these one-dayers. I dare say he’ll play with the one-dayers in the rear end of this summer also and I think after Christmas that he may be playing some Shield cricket,” Smith added.

“India’s possible. He’s clearly got to perform with some Shield cricket initially and watch how he moves … the way his body holds up.

“So far he is going pretty well.”

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